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Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau

For every desert there lays a hidden fortune……..

And a land of desert, with the sheer leadership of its rulers, could become a land of fortune. And it was Abu Dhabi, on the central western coast of Persian Gulf…….

Today the city breaths development in every second of it. And millions are its beneficiaries.

Ahalia Exchange was one among them.

From a small outlet in Mussaffah township 12 years back, to a well established exchange house with 18 branches, 300 plus work force and countless customers, Ahalia Exchange depicts an ongoing saga of success with rare matches found in remittance business in the UAE.

12 years is relatively a short span of time compared to the quantum of growth an organization could manage. And to keep pace with all latest developments taking place globally is a remarkable achievement. 

And today in a world where time and money really matters, Ahalia Exchange offers to its customers remittance solutions of any kind to any destination.


We provide personalized assistance and superior quality standards for our esteemed customers, through constant innovation.


Value added products and services at Ahalia Exchange, gives its customers more than just a remittance solution but extended services even at beneficiary locations. Ahalia Exchange operates liaison offices in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh apart from maintaining correspondent relationships with more than 50 banks all over the world.

Demand drafts:- Extensive facilities have been made to issue demand drafts on affordable rates drawn on major banks in countries like India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and Nepal.

Telex Transfer/ Electronic Transfer:- Multi- currency wire transfer helps funds to be credited directly to customer’s bank accounts at most competitive prices. Exchange has also got NEFT/ RTGS arrangements with major Indian Banks.


Ahalia Online Draft:- This is a special service offered to our Indian customers. Send an online draft and collect it within a minute at designated locations in India.

Telemoney to Philippines:- Facilitates door to door and bank to bank transfer of money to the Philippines.

Cash payouts:- Cash payout services to anywhere in the world through arrangements with major global money transfer agents like Moneygram, Xpress Money, Instant Cash, EZ remit, ARY speed remit, Travelex, I remit, Ceylinco fast cash and Transfast.


Ahalia Exchange’s extensive remittance channels makes it easy for its customers wherever the destination be, Indian sub-continent, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe or US.

Ahalia Payment System:

Ahalia Exchange is also an approved agent by the Ministry of labor and Central Bank of the UAE to undertake salary payment services to employees of companies operating in UAE. Ahalia Payment System is a software operated integrated payment mechanism which gives an error free, comprehensive salary payment services to its clients. APS facilitates salary disbursal services through its static cash dispensing machines (SDMs) and Labor Salary Authentication Devices (LSADs). The services are offered both within its branches and for onsite disbursements.

Privilege cards and loyalty schemes:

Privilege cards can be obtained from any of AEB’s branches at a reasonable cost, giving customers enormous benefits like special rates and exclusive teller services.

Ahalia Exchange has a loyalty program, which enables its customers to earn points on every remittance they make and to claim a valuable gift at different miles they achieve.

Anti- Money Laundering and compliance program:

Ahalia Exchange has a comprehensive Anti- Money Laundering and compliance program in line with UAE Central Bank regulations, OFAC, UN guidelines and check lists and is constantly updating information based on different international conventions. The Anti- Money Laundering compliance department has a software operated monitoring & reporting system, a wide spread program on KYC/ Customer due diligence, identification requirements, staff training and suspicious activity reporting.

And the journey still continues. As the pursuit for perfection never ends for a successful organization.

Ahalia Exchange together with its allies in healthcare sector termed as the “Ahalia Group”, today is one of country’s most prestigious business groups. Ahalia Hospital and its peripheral centers, over the years have carved out a very significant role in private sector healthcare services in the UAE.

By expanding its wings to other geographical areas, Ahalia Group has positioned themselves as a multi-national business conglomerate. Ahalia Heritage and Healthcare campus in India, is a unique concept in modern world healthcare services. The campus tries to bring in all the disciplines of modern medicine under a single roof.  It is a way of living, a life style and more over a perfect blend of nature for true healing. As the old Acharyas of Ayurveda believed ‘nature or god himself’ is the ultimate healer.

A small company with a huge vision, if that was Ahalia 25 years back, today the name stands for “vision turned reality”. And Ahalia Exchange being its flagship company, continues its unending pursuit for excellence.


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